Meetings take place at the:


Huntington County Court House

GAR Room (Room 207 - 2nd Floor)

7:00 pm

Every Third Tuesday of each month


The GAR room in Huntington County's Courthouse has been in continuous use since the veterans first entered upon completion of the courthouse in 1906.   Shortly after the courthouse was built, the local veterans had the room decorated with murals, portraits, corps badges, and other symbols of the Federal army and navy.


During the 'Great Depression' the paintings were 'touched up' by government artists.  Over the years the only other upkeep of the room was the painting done that 'touched' the many works originally on the walls.  In 1997 the Art Department of Manchester College undertook a major restoration - under the direction of Professor James Adams.


Brothers of Champion Hill, Camp 17 are proud caretakers of the room and the artifacts kept there in.