Base Ball is a polite game

Matches are conducted with the highest standards of sportsmanship, courteous behavior and respect for others.

There will be no swearing, spitting, scratching, alcohol, chewing of tobacco or wagering.

Players shall not comment on the umpire's calls

Vintage Base Ball Rules & Customs

The Umpire

Calls foul tics immediately

Can ask players or cranks in assistance in making a call.

Does not call balls, and may call strikes if necessary.

Levies fines, immediately, for disrespectful conduct


The ball must be presented and hurled underhanded, not jerked or thrown.

The ball must be delivered as close as possible over the center of home plate or wherever the striker wishes.

A Striker is Out When

A batted ball is caught on the fly or one bound off the ground.

A fielded ball is thrown to first base ahead of the striker's sprint to the bag.

After three swinging or called strikes.  Foul tics are not strikes.

Other Differences

Players do not wear gloves or other protective equipment.

There is no sliding, leading off, stealing bases, or overruns of first base.

Players crossing home plate must report to the tally keeper's table and ask the tally keeper to please tally his ace.  Once tallied, he then strikes the bell.

A runner may advance at his own peril if the striker's ball is caught on one bound, fair or foul.




Batter = Striker


Pitcher = Hurler


Catcher = Behind


Run! = Leg it!


Score a Run = Tally an Ace


Fan = Crank


Ground Ball = Daisy Cutter


Out = Dead


Error = Muff


Ball Player = Ballist


Hurray! = Huzzah!